Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mea Culpa

So the wife read my most recent blog post and gave me some pretty good criticism. She said she had no idea what I was doing. Harsh, a bit blunt, but helpful. Upon proper reflection, I realized that what I was doing was fairly confusing if people hadn't been following along the entire time.

Now, the purpose of my blog isn't to get more readers or become famous or anything like that. Mostly, I do it so that I have an avenue to write. But, I do have to acknolwedge my readers, however few there are. And really, if my blog format is confusing enough to keep readers away or prevent any new people from reading it, I might as well be writing everything in a Word doc.

So for review, you'll see a countdown at the bottom of this page. What is this countdown, you ask? Well, go here for a review of what I'm doing. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Back with me? Good. I've been going slow at it this summer, so I'm still in Category Three. (Don't know what that is? See, you didn't go back to re-read the post, did you? Naughty.) I really gotta pick things up, because I wanted to have the best World Series Game 7 coincide with this year's World Series. Guess that didn't work out so well.

So, now that you've been reminded what I'm doing, I'll follow another suggestion Nicci made. Mainly, that my countdown list should link up to the stories I had written. See, I had thought of doing that, but when I was halfway through the countdown. I was too lazy to do it then. But now I've been shamed, so I will. So look, see? They're all linked.

The Rundown.

4. Colorado 9, San Diego 8 (2007 NL Wild Card tiebreaker)
5. N.Y. Yankees 5, Boston 4 (1978 AL East tiebreaker)
6. San Francisco 6, Los Angeles 4 (1962 National League playoff)
7. Chicago 1, Minnesota 0 (2008 AL Central tiebreaker)
8. N.Y. Yankees 5, Boston 3 (1949 American League)
9. Arizona 2, St. Louis 1 (2001 NLDS)
10. Chicago 4, New York 2 (1908 National League makeup game)
11. Boston 12, Cleveland 8 (1999 ALDS)
12. Boston 5, Minnesota 3 (1967 American League)
13. Minnesota 5, Oakland 4 (2002 ALDS)
14. Boston 4, Oakland 3 (2003 ALDS)
15. Cleveland 4, N.Y. Yankees 3 (1997 ALDS)
16. L.A. Angels 5, N.Y. Yankees 3 (2005 ALDS)
17. Texas 5, Tampa Bay 1 (2010 ALDS)
18. San Francisco 3, Atlanta 1 (2002 NLDS)
19. N.Y. Yankees 5, Oakland 3 (2001 ALDS)
20. Seattle 3, Cleveland 1 (2001 ALDS)
21. Chicago 5, San Francisco 3 (1998 NL Wild Card tiebreaker)
22. N.Y. Yankees 7, Oakland 5 (2000 ALDS)
23. Los Angeles 4, Houston 0 (1981 NL West Division Series)
24. Montreal 3, Philadelphia 0 (1981 NL East Division Series)
25. N.Y. Yankees 7, Milwaukee 3 (1981 AL East Division Series)
26. Seattle 9, California 1 (1995 AL West tiebreaker)
27. Chicago 5, Atlanta 1 (2003 NLDS)
28. Houston 12, Atlanta 3 (2004 NLDS)
29. N.Y. Mets 5, Cincinnati 0 (1999 NL Wild Card tiebreaker)
30. Cleveland 8, Boston 3 (1948 American League tiebreaker)
31. Houston 7, Los Angeles 1 (1980 NL West tiebreaker)

Oh, and one final thing. Mixed in with all the baseball stories have been updates, where warranted, of days from my Sports by the Day countdown. When something happened in American sports that was better than the previous most memorable thing from that date, I updated it. Like here. And here. I also have been writing about events that were, in my mind, close to beating out the previous date but not quite good enough. Like here. And here. So I've been sprinkling those events in as appropriate. There's another one of those coming Monday.

So that's that. I'll try to do a better job of keeping clear what exactly I'm doing here from now on.

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