Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Again with the countdowns

Ok, so I've just finished two baseball-related countdowns. It's a new year. That gives me two reasons to start something new with the blog, take it in a different direction. But I'm not going to. I'm going to start another countdown, and when that one's done, I'm going to start another one. And the reason for that is simple: it keeps me writing.

I tried having this blog be about me simply watching and reacting to sports events of the day, but after submitting five posts in four months, I knew I needed to change things. Countdowns might not be the most entertaining things on earth, but at least they give me a built-in topic to write about at all times. So I'll keep going with them.

BUT! I am going to make a concerted effort to write about more relevant, timely topics, mixed in with my countdown posts. I want to write more, so I figure this forum would be a good place to. I'll probably set up a format where posts about current sports events post on the weekend, while countdown-related posts occur during the week. We'll see.

So now to the countdown. I'm going to stick with baseball, since my last two countdowns were baseball-related. I did early-playoff elimination games, then LCS elimination games, so the natural move would be to do World Series Game 7s. Naturally, I'm not going to. Well, not exactly. I'm going to count down every World Series, from worst to best. It's quite a task - the World Series has been played every year but two since 1903, so you do the math. (Seriously. Do the math. I can't figure out how many that is). I have already ranked the World Series Game 7s, so I'll include those within the series, where relevant. Hopefully it will make sense when the posts start appearing.

The plan is to get this done just before the start of the actual World Series in October. That means I have to keep a pace of ... hold on ... math ... about 2.5 a week. I think that's ambitious enough. Then I'll switch my countdown to football. Promise.

As for my World Series countdown, I used a highly scientific method to determine where to rank each one. I just took a bunch of factors like number of games, number of close games, number of extra-inning games, and so on, and added them together. Simple. Much simpler than trying to come up with a subjective way of ranking them.

So there. I'll start tomorrow. Or Thursday. One of the two.

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